Keeping track of all the aspects of your online presence is hard.

We monitor your website and online profiles and alert you to any issues so that you can have confidence in what people see when they find you online.

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What does Greencheck do?

We regularly monitor your website so you don't have to.
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Uptime Check

The whole point of your website is so that customers and prospects can engage with you 24/7. If your site ever goes down we'll let you know. We alert you as soon as we detect an issue.

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Your users want to feel safe when they are visiting your site. We monitor your site certificate and keep you informed on its status so you can always be on top of your site security.

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Domain Check

Your website domain is your online address. You can't afford for anything to happen to it. We'll keep you informed about the status of your domain.

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Link Check

Your visitors expect that your website will work. Avoid the negative consequences resulting from broken links on your site. We'll catch them before they are a problem for you.

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Spell Check

A spelling error on your website can put a dent in your credibility. We check your site regularly for any potential issues so you can fix them right away.

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Backlinks Check

We scour the internet and find any sites that are linked back to you. We show you what sites link to yours so you can work to improve this important part of your online strategy.

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SEO Check

There are always things you can do to bring more visitors to your site. This comprehensive check will show you what best-practices you use to boost your online strength.

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Online Profile Check

Your online presence is stronger when all the authoritative sites have your information correct. We show you side by side what the big guys are reporting about you.

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Customer Review Check

Customer reviews are a big deal. Positive reviews boost your brand. Negative reviews can help you improve. We provide a summary of your customer reviews each month.

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Search Engine Ranking Check

Where you appear in the search results for certain key words is a big part of your online strength. We empower you by showing you how you rank for certain key words.

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Mobile Page Speed Check

Over 50% of web traffic is on a mobile device. Your site needs to be mobile-friendly. We'll show you what needs work to meet your visitors' expectations.

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Blacklist Check

There are dozens of blacklist sites out there. We monitor them and alert you if your domain or IP address shows up on their lists.

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Home Domain Monitor

The Home Domain Monitor checks homepage URLs, like index.html and default.php, ensuring they redirect to a unified domain. This prevents duplicate content and maintains rankings.

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Our monitors perform regular checks on your online presence and alert you to any issues. It won't be long until you know more about your online presence than your "website guy".

Unlike some other services, you don't have to install any apps or code on your website. No need to call your "website guy" to set it up. You'll get regular emails on the status of your online presence and timely notifications if we find something critical.

What is your online presence?

When people search online your company can be found in a lot of different places online. Social media sites, directory sites, search engines, and your own website. Your online presence is all of these things. Keeping track of all of it can sometimes be overwhelming.

We make it easy for you to be
confident in your online presence.

Website checks, profile monitoring, and alerts
when anything is out of place.

Greencheck monitors the online
profile for 75,000+ businesses

Confidence that your online
assets are strong.

Monitors, Alerts, Confidence.


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